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Game Design

When used separately images, music, and design can be used to educate, inform, entertain, and persuade. When utilized together they can create a unique and completely engaging experience that will convey your message in a way no other medium can.

Game Design commissions are available now for a very limited time. Please find the current list of packages and rates below.

Rates: Inquire - Different projects will take different amounts of time to complete so it can vary wildly. Between $200 and $2000 is average. If you want the next Halo or even Doom expect it to be significantly more than that as I'll have to hire out and buy things. Games of that scale take teams of hundreds several years to complete (ok not Doom so much but you get the idea).


Hollow Dissent- Available NOW 


Inner Ailment - Game Jam 2013. Music by Oscar Wright. Most of the music didn't get used so I'm making it freely available under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. Which means you can use it however you want as long as you credit me as it's creator. Music can be found (It used to be here.... I'll get it reposted eventually). The game is here.

Inner Ailment

切腹の侍 (Seppuku Samurai) - Another Game Jam game featuring level design by yours truly. Download.

Seppuku Samurail

The Dark Road - Promotional game for a kickstarter project


From The Ashes - Team Project with Team Phoenix

Art Samples