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SUBMISSIONS—Comics & Sequential Art

NightStorm Productions is interested in publishing creator-owned comic books in all genres that represent the breadth of the fiction experience. This is not to say that there is no place for traditional comics here at NightStorm, but innovation is appreciated. We are primarily interested in full-color projects, but monochromatic projects will also be considered.

Please include the following:

  • A cover letter with your contact information.

  • A one page synopsis of the story. (necessary only if the comic is in multiple parts).

  • An estimation of the length of the series. (necessary only if the comic is in multiple parts).

  • The completed work. (Please do not send samples, NightStorm only accepts complete works).

We are currently seeking contributors to issue zero.

Issue zero will be used to show potential retailers and advertisers what they can expect from NightStorm. While there will be no pay for contributing to issue zero, all subsequent issues will pay an $80 page rate. Anyone who has a comic published in issue zero will have the option of having their work published in the for pay issue 1.

Full color comics will be considered much more favorably than black and white ones.

NightStorm Productions will endeavor to give you a response to your submission as soon as possible, but please be aware it may take time.


File Specifications are as follows:

TIFFS are preferred

8.5 x 11

Prepare all files with bleeds to have at least 1/8 inch bleed past the edge of the trim.

Prepare all files with all copy away from the trim by 3/16 inch.

300 DPI

No embedded graphics. Unless you are using Corel Draw. If graphics are embedded in Corel Draw, please supply the original graphics.

Page dimensions should be the final trim size with bleeds.

Jpg images are acceptable for submission purposes. Once a work is accepted the actual print resolution files can be sent.

By submitting your work to NightStorm Productions you hereby attest to the following:

  1. The only contributors/copyright holders of the submitted material are those listed in the cover letter.

  2. I and all my collaborators acknowledge that consideration of the material for publication is not an admission of the novelty or originality of the material.

  3. I and all my collaborators understand that NightStorm Productions and all of its concerned parties and employees have the right to use similar or identical suggestions and material to that which I am submitting.

  4. I and all my collaborators understand that if the submitted work is selected for publication in issue one and onward of NightStorm Presents, NightStorm Productions will send a check to the primary contact listed on the cover letter in the amount of $80.00 per page.
  5. Should my submission be selected for publication I hereby give NightStorm permission to print the work submitted.
  6. I understand that my collaborators and I still hold the copyright of the work submitted.
  7. I and my collaborators understand that the terms of submission are subject to change without notice.


Please submit all projects below:

Note: Allow connections from 4shared.com for proper file upload.

Files over one hundred MB in size cannot be uploaded as one file. If you need to upload files larger that 100MB Please contact the admin at contact@nightstormtechnologies.com.

Please submit all files in the following format:


So if your name were John Doe and you had a brilliant submission titled snotman that you submitted in january your file name would be:


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