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Coming Soon: Issue Zero.

Issue zero is almost ready to see print. Stay tuned.


Up and Running

Our new upload system is up and running. If you experience any problems with it please contact us immediately.

Update: 4-30-08

Technical Difficulties

As some of you may have noticed our online submission system is out of commission. In addition, many emails received have been answered very slowly. We have experienced serious connectivity issues over the last week and repairs are still being made. Currently the submission system is being looked into and all emails will be answered .If you sent an email you feel should have gotten a response and have yet to hear back, please resend it. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Welcome to the Revolution

In any medium there comes a time when wild eyed ambition and artistic vision give way to concrete business models and stale imitations of what has come before. When it was that the comic book industry took a turn towards the latter I cannot say. What I can say is that I do not intend to let go of my wild eyed ambition or my artistic vision without a fight and neither should you.

It is my belief that anyone with a pen, some paper, and a story to tell should be able to have that story told. As such, we are currently accepting submissions for our new monthly magazine: NightStorm Presents. So if you've got an artistic streak and a story to tell head over to our submissions section and let your voice be heard!

NightStorm Spotlight